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Supported Employment

The right to work is a fundamental right. It is essential for realising other human rights and forms an inseparable and inherent part of human dignity. According to the CRPD, persons with disabilities have the right to work on an equal basis with others. This includes the right to the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labour market and work environment that is open, inclusive, and accessible to persons with disabilities.


Supported employment involves on-the-job training in a regular workplace. This has been found to be more effective in securing jobs and a preferable alternative to sheltered employment, which generally takes place in a separate setting.


This section sets out legal and other resources on supported employment. The resources are divided into the following categories:

a)    International resources, which are arranged by human rights bodies.

b)    Domestic resources, which are arranged by countries.

The other resources include academic articles and advocacy and training materials.

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